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Amazon Announces Layoffs in Cloud Computing and HR Departments


Amazon has initiated a series of job cuts affecting its cloud computing and human resources departments. The layoffs, which are part of the company's previously announced reduction plan, are expected to impact a total of 9,000 employees. The decision to downsize comes as Amazon's CEO, Andy Jassy, implements cost-cutting measures to address economic challenges and slow growth. The recent layoffs mark the largest reduction in Amazon's history, impacting various units within the organization, including advertising, video games, Twitch livestreaming, and professional services in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) division.

Challenges in AWS and Advertising Departments:

While Amazon's AWS has experienced significant growth during the COVID-19 pandemic, some teams within the department were included in the earlier round of job cuts. This suggests that even profitable business areas are not immune to cost-cutting measures. The advertising unit, which witnessed sluggish growth in recent months, also faced staff reductions. The layoffs in these areas demonstrate Amazon's commitment to streamlining operations and prioritizing core objectives.

Focus on Top Priorities:

In a memo to employees, AWS CEO Adam Selipsky emphasized the importance of identifying and allocating resources to top priorities that matter to customers and drive business growth. The memo highlighted the company's ongoing efforts to move the needle and maintain a customer-centric approach. Amazon's dedication to strategic decision-making is crucial as the company prepares to report its first-quarter earnings.

Previous Layoffs and Cost-Cutting Measures:

Prior to this round of layoffs, Amazon had already undertaken a separate reduction in force, affecting approximately 18,000 employees. Jassy has implemented various cost-cutting measures across the organization, including freezing corporate workforce hiring, discontinuing certain experimental projects, and slowing down warehouse expansion. The company's focus on efficiency and optimization is aimed at navigating the economic downturn and driving sustainable growth.

Implications for Amazon:

The recent layoffs indicate that Amazon is willing to make difficult decisions, even within its most profitable divisions, to maintain financial stability and adapt to changing market conditions. By streamlining operations and reallocating resources, the company aims to position itself for long-term success. However, it is important to note that these measures come at a time when Amazon faces challenges in some areas, as indicated by slower growth in the AWS and advertising departments.

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