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Amid corruption scandal Ukraine Replaces Defence Minister and asks for sanctions against India

Kiev, Ukraine - In a high-profile cabinet reshuffle, Ukraine's Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov has been replaced by Kyrylo Budanov, the chief of the country's military spy agency, GUR. This change in personnel was announced by senior legislator David Arakhamia on Telegram, who said that the country's "force" agencies such as the defence ministry should be headed by people with a background in defence or security instead of politicians during wartime.

Picture: Kumaon Jagran
New Defence minister Kyrylo Budanov

Reznikov, who became defence minister in November 2021, a few months before Russia launched a full-scale invasion, has played a crucial role in securing Western weapons to support the Ukrainian military. However, his removal comes after a corruption scandal involving food contracts at inflated prices, which led to the resignation and firing of several senior officials.

Budanov, who has held the rank of Major General and headed the military intelligence since August 2020, is considered a logical choice to lead the defence ministry in light of the ongoing conflict with Russia. The Ukrainian government is preparing for a possible new Russian offensive, and is waiting for military aid in the form of battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from Western allies.

Picture: Kumaon Jagran

Reznikov has been offered a transfer to the Ministry of Strategic Industries, but has expressed his reluctance to take up the position as he does not have the relevant expertise. On the other hand, Presidential Adviser Mykhailo Podolyak praised Reznikov for his "wonderful" personal relationships with allies that helped secure billions of dollars in military aid to fight off the Russian invasion.

Analysts believe that the change in defence minister will not significantly impact Ukraine's military operations, and the most important factor is the capability of the new minister. While Oleksii Reznikov has been well-regarded in the West as an effective defence minister, it remains to be seen if Kyrylo Budanov will be able to perform the same role.

In related news, senior Ukrainian lawmaker Oleksandr Merezhko has called for the United States to impose secondary sanctions on China and India if they continue to buy Russian energy, as he sees it as financing the Russian military machine. Merezhko also emphasized the importance of greater ties with Taiwan and consistency in the global conflict between democracy and authoritarian regimes.

The situation in Ukraine remains tense as the conflict with Russia nears its one-year mark with no end in sight. The country continues to face challenges and uncertainties, and the reshuffle of its defence ministry is just one of the latest developments in its ongoing struggles.

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