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Boy dies at Sushila Tiwari Hospital in Haldwani, family alleges delay in surgery

11-year-old boy dies at Sushila Tiwari Hospital in Haldwani allegedly due to delay in surgery, family accuses hospital administration of negligence

Haldwani - An 11-year-old boy from Bageshwar district, Uttarakhand, died at Sushila Tiwari Hospital in Haldwani on Saturday, allegedly due to a delay in surgery. The boy, identified as Krishna, had suffered a brain hemorrhage after falling and injuring his head while playing near his house on October 5.

Krishna was taken to Garuda's private hospital, from where he was referred to Almora Base Hospital. He was then sent to Sushila Tiwari Hospital in Haldwani on Thursday.

The family alleges that Krishna was taken to the emergency of the hospital at 9 pm on the night of October 5, from where he was shifted to the neurosurgery ward. A CT scan revealed brain hemorrhage.

The family waited for the doctor to arrive for the surgery, but he arrived after 3 pm. The doctor didn't even take Krishna inside the OT, and brought him outside saying that preparations for the operation were done.

The neurosurgery and anesthesia departments are blaming each other for the delay in surgery. The medical college management has asked for an investigation into the matter.

Before the operation, Krishna told his mother that he was having a headache. The staff present there told Krishna to move his hands and legs and the pain would go away. Krishna died a few hours later.

The family has accused the hospital administration of negligence and has complained to the authorities.

The hospital management says that Krishna's treatment was going on under the supervision of a senior doctor.

The incident has raised questions about the condition of the healthcare system in Uttarakhand, and the quality of treatment being provided at Sushila Tiwari Hospital, which is the biggest hospital in Kumaon.

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