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CM Pushkar Singh Dhami Participates in the Annual Festival at Shri Kalyanika Himalaya Devasthanam

Almora: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami participated in the annual festival at Dol Ashram in Uttarakhand today. He performed the worship of 1,100 young girls and unveiled the Nar-Narayan idols. The Chief Minister also conducted puja and offered prayers at the shrine, extending his wishes for the well-being and prosperity of the nation and the state.

During the event, the Chief Minister acknowledged the dedicated efforts of revered Maharaj Kalyandas, who spent several decades in spiritual practice. Maharaj Kalyandas initiated various projects that have uplifted the underprivileged, provided education, healthcare, and fostered progress among those born in ordinary and impoverished households across India. The establishment of the divine shrine at Dol Ashram is poised to attract not only people from all over India but also individuals from around the world, seeking peace, spirituality, and cultural enlightenment.

Addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister extended his greetings for Buddha Purnima and emphasized the importance of following the path of Lord Buddha, which advocates peace and non-violence. He expressed his desire to prevent migration from this region and provide opportunities for the local population to work and contribute to the area's progress. The Dol Ashram is playing a crucial role in awakening and inspiring individuals, instilling a sense of awareness and driving development in the region.

He highlighted that the ashram is not only promoting religious tourism but also educating the youth about Indian culture. Being born in the land of the gods, Uttarakhand is an immense privilege in itself. The ashram stands as a living symbol of our ancient civilization and culture. It serves as a magnificent and divine center for spiritual practice and enlightenment. The Chief Minister stated that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the state government is committed to the development of a new Uttarakhand. Efforts are underway to develop Jageshwar Dham as the fifth Dham (pilgrimage site) and contribute to the worldwide propagation of our eternal culture. He affirmed the government's dedication to preserving culture, evident in the introduction of stringent anti-conversion laws and the resolution to address land encroachment issues while implementing equal civil codes. Furthermore, the Chief Minister announced plans for the development of three new parking facilities and the establishment of a college or university within the ashram premises.

The Chief Minister recognized the efforts of revered Maharaj Kalyandas in establishing the Dol Ashram. The ashram's progress aligns with his vision of a prominent center for religion, spirituality, culture, and education. The Chief Minister expressed his congratulations to Maharaj Ji for dedicating his entire life to serving the people and engaging in philanthropic activities. He emphasized that the Dol Ashram will serve as an integral part of the "Mansasa Kendra Manidamala" mission and will attain the same prominence as the Char Dham Yatra and Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. He concluded by stating that the master plan for the Mansasa Kendra Manidamala mission, initiated by the government, has been fully prepared, with Jageshwar Dham as the starting point.

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