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Concerns Mount as Sixteen Tigers Die in Uttarakhand in Six Months | Kumaon Jagran

Environment Ministry seeks detailed report on tiger deaths, habitat loss and accidents cited as contributing factors

Date: 22 June, 2023

Uttarakhand, India: In a distressing development, sixteen tigers have tragically lost their lives in Uttarakhand over the past six months, raising concerns about their conservation in the state. Worried about the escalating number of deaths, the Environment Ministry has requested a comprehensive report from the Uttarakhand government regarding the causes of these fatalities and the measures taken to address the issue.

The recent tiger census indicates that Uttarakhand is home to over 420 tigers, with a significant concentration of 250 tigers in the Corbett Tiger Reserve alone. The news of these tiger deaths has prompted the Environment Ministry to take action and seek transparency regarding the circumstances surrounding these losses.

Samir Sinha, Chief Wildlife Warden of Uttarakhand's Forest Department, confirmed that the Environment Ministry has requested a report on the matter. However, he declined to disclose the exact number of tiger deaths. The National Tiger Conservation Authority's website currently reflects twelve tiger deaths in the state since January, but Forest Department officials have reported four additional deaths in recent weeks.

"We have already received reports from some areas, while others are still pending. We will share the final report with the Ministry as soon as possible," stated Mr. Sinha.

Officials from the Forest Department attribute the tiger deaths to factors such as territorial conflicts among the big cats and accidents. The shrinking habitat of these majestic animals, largely due to uncontrolled construction and developmental activities, has led to increased encounters between tigers and human settlements. This encroachment into human habitat poses a significant threat to both tigers and local communities.

"The reduction in their natural habitat has forced tigers to venture into human-populated areas, including villages in hilly regions. This, along with other factors, has contributed to the unfortunate rise in tiger deaths," revealed an anonymous official.

According to data from the National Tiger Conservation Authority, Uttarakhand reported a total of six tiger deaths in 2022 alone, emphasizing the need for immediate action to protect these endangered species.

The alarming number of tiger fatalities highlights the urgent need for conservation efforts and a comprehensive approach to protect the natural habitats of these majestic creatures. The Environment Ministry's request for a detailed report indicates a commitment to addressing this critical issue and implementing effective measures to safeguard the tiger population in Uttarakhand.

Kumaon Jagran joins the concerned voices, urging the Uttarakhand government and relevant authorities to prioritize the preservation of tiger habitats, implement stronger conservation policies, and take immediate action to prevent further tiger deaths. These efforts are crucial to ensuring the survival and flourishing of these iconic species for future generations.

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