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Congress to Conduct Caste Census in Four States, Rahul Gandhi Says BJP Should Follow

The Congress Working Committee (CWC) held a four-hour long discussion on caste census on Monday, after which Rahul Gandhi announced that the party's chief ministers in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, and Karnataka have decided to conduct caste census in their respective states.

"We will force the BJP to carry out caste census and if they don't do it they should leave it to us," Gandhi said, adding that most of the INDIA alliance partners will support the idea of caste census.

Rahul Gandhi

Gandhi said that the caste census is important to ensure social justice in India, and that the Congress is committed to implementing it. "We have decided we will implement caste census and we don't break promises," he added.

Gandhi also criticized the BJP for its alleged failure to empower the Other Backward Classes (OBCs). "We have four CMs and three are from OBC community, BJP has 10 CMs and only one of them is from OBC. Narendra Modi will have to tell people of the country what has he done for the community," he said.

The caste census has been a long-standing demand of OBC and Dalit groups, who argue that it is necessary to understand the true extent of caste discrimination and to design policies that address the root causes of this problem. The BJP has opposed the caste census, arguing that it is divisive.

The Congress' decision to conduct caste census in four states is a significant development, and it is likely to put pressure on the BJP to follow suit. The caste census could have a major impact on Indian politics, as it could help to mobilize OBC and Dalit voters.


The Congress' decision to conduct caste census in four states is a politically astute move. It is likely to appeal to OBC and Dalit voters, who are key constituencies for the party. The caste census could also help the Congress to position itself as a champion of social justice.

The BJP is likely to face pressure from its own OBC and Dalit leaders to support the caste census. However, the party is also wary of the potential for the caste census to divide the Hindu vote bank. It remains to be seen how the BJP will respond to the Congress' decision.

The caste census is a complex issue, and there are a number of potential challenges to its implementation. However, the Congress' decision to conduct caste census in four states is a welcome step. It could help to shed light on the true extent of caste discrimination in India and to pave the way for more effective policies to address this problem.

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