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Husband Buys Wife for Rs 70,000, Arrested for Her Gruesome Murder in South Delhi

In a shocking incident, three men, including the victim's husband, have been arrested for allegedly strangling a woman to death and disposing of her body in a forest area in Fatehpur Beri, south Delhi. The incident came to light after the police received a PCR call on August 5 regarding an unidentified woman's body found in a forest near the Jheel Khurd border with Haryana.

Upon reaching the spot, authorities discovered the body of a woman believed to be around 30 years old. Initially, her identity remained unknown. However, through a combination of technical surveillance and manual investigation, the police were able to trace the movements of an autorickshaw around 1:40 am on the same day near the area where the body was discovered.

The autorickshaw's route led the police to its driver, Arun, a resident of Chhatarpur. Upon apprehending him near Gadaipur Band Road, Arun confessed to the crime and revealed that the victim was Sweety, the wife of his brother-in-law, Dharamveer. Arun, along with Dharamveer and another relative named Satyavan, admitted to strangling Sweety near the Haryana border and disposing of her body in the forest.

Dharamveer, who works in a factory, reportedly had issues with Sweety due to her habit of disappearing for extended periods without explanation. According to police reports, Dharamveer, who has polio, had married Sweety after paying Rs 70,000 to a woman believed to be her relative. Sweety never shared information about her parents or family with her husband, disclosing only that she hailed from Patna.

On the day of the murder, the trio allegedly lured Sweety under the pretense of dropping her off at the railway station. Instead, they took her near the Haryana border and committed the crime. The arrested individuals have been charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including murder, causing the disappearance of evidence, and common intention.

This incident has sent shockwaves through the local community and serves as a grim reminder of the tragic consequences of domestic disputes and violence. The police investigation into the matter continues as they strive to piece together the details surrounding Sweety's untimely death.

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