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"Jawan": Shah Rukh Khan Roars Back to Action - A High-Octane Blockbuster! - 4.5/5 Stars

When a Shah Rukh Khan film hits the theaters, it's nothing short of a festival. "Jawan," released at the crack of dawn, proves that SRK's magic is everlasting. Directed by Atlee, this film showcases Khan in a rugged, action-packed avatar, and he's pulling it off with finesse.

"Jawan" is a cinematic treat where SRK shines in a dual role, captivating us from the very beginning. His entry, the action sequences, and the dance numbers all leave you in awe. At 57, SRK's action prowess seems unmatched, making us forget "Pathaan" was just a teaser.

The film doesn't follow any set formula; it's a mix of everything that makes a movie entertaining. Amidst the action, drama, songs, and romance, it also addresses significant social issues without being preachy. The nearly 3-hour-long movie delves into the widespread corruption plaguing our system, hitting home with its stark portrayal.

"Jawan" adopts a non-linear narrative, moving between past and present. It's a multi-layered story with compelling flashbacks that explain the characters' actions. However, this storytelling approach occasionally disrupts the film's flow.

What remains consistent is the breathtaking action sequences, a cinematic delight blending Bollywood with a South Indian touch. The film tackles sensitive issues like farmer suicides and corruption in healthcare. These moments hit hard, resonating with recent events in India.

SRK's supporting cast, particularly the group of determined women, adds depth to the storyline. Vijay Sethupathi's menacing presence is captivating, while Nayanthara adds freshness to the film. Deepika Padukone's special appearance is a delightful surprise, and Sunil Grover's role as officer Irani is a revelation.

"Jawan" features SRK in multiple avatars, each executed flawlessly. His charisma, intensity, and heroism shine through, solidifying his position as a true mass hero.

In terms of screenplay, Atlee and S. Ramanagirivasan deliver an engaging and gripping narrative. However, the dialogues by Sumit Arora don't leave a lasting impact.

Despite this, "Jawan" offers wholesome entertainment. Stay glued to the screen, as there's so much to absorb, especially in the action-packed climax.


"Jawan" delivers entertainment in abundance with a powerful and relevant message. Atlee's script appeals to all segments of the audience, executing high points with excellence and electrifying responses.

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