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Manchester City Facing Over 100 Breaches of Premier League Financial Rules

Manchester City have been charged with more than 100 breaches of financial rules by the Premier League following a four-year investigation. The Premier League has referred the club to an independent commission over alleged rule breaches between 2009 and 2018, including failure to provide accurate financial information, full details of manager remuneration, and player remuneration.

Additionally, the Premier League accused City of not co-operating since the investigation started in December 2018. In response, City expressed surprise at the charges and claimed to have a "body of irrefutable evidence" to support their position. The independent commission has the power to impose punishments ranging from fines, points deduction, and even expulsion from the Premier League.

Manchester City has always denied financial wrongdoing, calling the allegations "entirely false." The proceedings of the independent commission, chaired by Murray Rosen KC, will be confidential and heard in private. The outcome of the case, which is expected to be both expensive and time-consuming, will have a significant impact on the reputation of the club and its ownership.

The Premier League's investigation began after German newspaper Der Spiegel published leaked documents in November 2018, alleging that the club had inflated the value of a sponsorship deal. In 2020, the European football governing body UEFA ruled that City committed "serious breaches" of Financial Fair Play regulations, but the ban was later overturned by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The end game has just begun, and the outcome will be closely watched by fans and experts alike.

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