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Massive Casino and Liquor Raid in Uttarakhand's Nainital District: 33 Arrested

Nainital, Uttarakhand: In a major crackdown, local authorities conducted a massive raid on an illegal casino and liquor operation at Hotel River View in Jyolikot, Nainital. The operation resulted in the arrest of 33 individuals, including both patrons and hotel staff, as well as the confiscation of a significant amount of cash and casino chips.

The raid, which occurred on Tuesday evening, was prompted by a tip-off received by the local police. It revealed that illegal gambling activities and the serving of alcohol were taking place at the hotel. As the police arrived at the scene, the suspects attempted to flee, but they were quickly apprehended.

The arrested individuals included 21 men and 12 women, some of whom were from other districts and even other states.

During the operation, the police recovered a substantial amount of cash, totaling four lakhs, and 3692 casino chips. It is believed that the operation was a well-organized and lucrative venture catering to those interested in gambling and liquor consumption.

The authorities were met with resistance during the raid, as some individuals attempted to escape, but their efforts were in vain as they were apprehended on the spot. The police arrested the hotel staff who were facilitating these illegal activities and serving liquor without the required licenses.

The arrested individuals will face charges related to illegal gambling, serving alcohol without a license, and other relevant offenses under the law. Legal proceedings are underway, and strict action will be taken against those involved.

Additional Incident in Pauri District:

Earlier on Thursday, the Pauri police arrested 27 people and four cheer crew girls involved in a gambling den at Neeraj Forest Resort in the Laxman Jhula area late on Thursday night, September 21.

Following the raid in the resort, there has been a stir among other resort operators as well. This resort also falls in the same district area as Vantara Resort, where receptionist Ankita Bhandari was murdered last year.

Senior Superintendent of Police Shweta Choubey said that the police received information late on Thursday night that large-scale gambling was going on at Neeraj Forest Resort on Gangabhogpur Road.

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