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Movie Review: "Adipurush" - A Grand Yet Disappointing Adaptation of Ramayana ★★ ☆ ☆ ☆

Director Om Raut's ambitious project, "Adipurush," attempts to present a modernized and commercialized version of the epic Ramayana to cater to contemporary audiences. While the film stays faithful to the original story on paper, the visuals and presentation take a significant departure from historic settings to fit the taste of present and future generations. However, despite its grandeur and substantial budget, "Adipurush" falls short of delivering a captivating cinematic experience.

The narrative opens with the narration of Rama's story and follows his journey into the forests with Sita and Lakshman for their 14-year exile. The film showcases parallel perspectives from both Rama and Ravana, providing a fresh take on the familiar events of the Ramayana. Some episodes, such as the Vali Sugriva and Sanjeevani episodes, along with Indrajit's magic, are executed well and engage the audience. However, certain sequences like Rama's action entry, Hanuman firing Lanka, and the presentation of Ravana and his kingdom, Lanka, fail to leave a lasting impression.

Director Om Raut's vision for the Ramayana is distinct, but it lacks the finesse and emotional depth needed to establish a strong connection with the audience. The film's direction falls short of achieving the mastery displayed by directors like Rajamouli in handling big-budget productions. While the technical aspects such as cinematography and action sequences are commendable, the VFX and editing disappoint, given the substantial investment in the film.

One of the saving graces of "Adipurush" is its music by Ajay and Atul. Tracks like "Jai Shri Ram," "Ram Sita Ram," and "Priya Mithunam" are beautifully composed and presented, enhancing the overall experience. However, the performances leave much to be desired. Prabhas, in the role of Rama, fails to fully embody the character. His appearance receives mixed opinions, and his expressions lack the depth and emotion required for the role. Kriti Sanon's portrayal of Janaki is an unfortunate miscasting, while Saif Ali Khan's potential as a villain remains largely untapped, often bordering on a comedic portrayal. Sunny Singh's performance as Lakshman is notable, but it is Devdatta Nage's portrayal of Hanuman that truly stands out among the cast.

"Adipurush" can be watched if you have no expectations, a particular admiration for the character of Rama, or are a fan of Prabhas. However, for those seeking a compelling theatrical experience, this big-budget film may not live up to the hype. With its underwhelming visuals, subpar editing, and lackluster performances, "Adipurush" is best suited for a later viewing on an OTT platform rather than a theatrical outing.

Overall Rating:★★ ☆ ☆ ☆

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