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Nikki Haley calls for an end to foreign aid to countries that hate America, if gets elected

US Republican Party Presidential candidate Nikki Haley has announced that if she becomes president, she will cut foreign aid to countries that hate the US, such as China and Pakistan. According to her, a strong America should not act as the world's ATM and pay the "bad guys." She believes that a proud America does not waste its hard-earned money and only supports leaders that stand up to enemies and stand beside friends.

Picture: Kumaon Jagran
Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley

Haley cited examples of the US giving more than $2 billion to Iran over the past few years, even though its government is getting closer to the murderous thugs in Iran who shout "Death to America!" and launch attacks on US troops. She also pointed out that the Joe Biden administration restored half a billion dollars to a corrupt United Nations agency that claims to help the Palestinian people but, in fact, spreads deeply anti-Semitic propaganda against the US ally Israel.

The US has given hundreds of millions of dollars to Zimbabwe, a country with one of the most anti-American voting records in the UN. American taxpayers still give money to Communist China for ridiculous environmental programs, even though China poses an obvious threat to Americans.

Haley believes that American taxpayers deserve to know where their foreign aid money is going and what it is doing. She plans to cut foreign aid to countries that hate the US and redirect it towards programs that will benefit Americans. She has also stated that she plans to hold countries accountable for their actions and make sure that they are not using US foreign aid to fund terrorism or other illegal activities.

Haley believes that the US Republican Party needs new leaders who can win at the ballot box. She formally launched her 2024 campaign for the White House on February 15, introducing herself as the proud daughter of Indian immigrants who is pitching a new future for the Republican party.

In her op-ed for the New York Post, Haley said that a strong America is one that puts America first and prioritizes the interests of its citizens over the interests of other countries. She believes that the US should only provide aid to countries that share its values and that are committed to working towards a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Haley's announcement has been met with mixed reactions. While some support her stance on cutting foreign aid to countries that do not support the US, others have criticized her for being too isolationist and for ignoring the benefits that foreign aid can bring to developing countries.

Overall, Haley's announcement highlights the growing debate in the US over the role of foreign aid in American foreign policy. As the US continues to face economic challenges at home, policymakers will need to carefully consider how they allocate resources to achieve their foreign policy objectives.

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