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PM Modi opens G20 Foreign Ministers' meeting, says 'global governance has failed’

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has opened a Foreign Ministers' meeting of the G20 by stating that "global governance has failed" and that multilateralism is in crisis. Speaking in a recorded message, Modi said that multilateral institutions had failed to meet the world's most pressing challenges, including financial crises, climate change, terrorism, and wars.

Picture: Kumaon Jagran
Prime Minister Modi

Modi emphasized that after years of progress, the world is at risk today of moving back on sustainable development goals, and that many developing countries are struggling with unsustainable debts while trying to ensure food and energy security. The Indian Prime Minister also stressed the need for world leaders to find common ground on divisive issues, and to focus on what unites us, rather than on what divides us.

The G20 Foreign Ministers' meeting, which is being held at the Rashtrapati Bhavan Cultural Center, is attended by delegations from 40 countries, including guest countries Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, Netherlands, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, Spain, and the United Arab Emirates. The ministers are expected to discuss key global challenges, including the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conflict in Ukraine has been a particular focus of the meeting, as tensions between the US-led West and the Russia-China combine continue to escalate. Russia has accused the collective West of taking a confrontational approach towards Moscow over the situation in Ukraine, and has expressed frustration that the G20 finance ministers' meeting in Bengaluru ended without a joint communique.

Despite these tensions, India is set to make all-out efforts for a joint statement following the G20 Foreign Ministers' meeting. The goal is to find common ground on key global challenges and to promote cooperation among the world's largest economies.

The G20 Foreign Ministers' meeting highlights the urgent need for global cooperation and multilateralism in addressing pressing global challenges. Modi's remarks underscore the failures of global governance systems in meeting these challenges, and the need for a greater voice for the global south in multilateral institutions. As tensions between the US-led West and the Russia-China combine continue to escalate, it is more important than ever to find common ground and promote cooperation among the world's largest economies.

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