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Rahul Gandhi Takes Dig at BJP's 'Double-Engine' Government, Questions Share of Corruption!

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has taken a dig at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over its "double-engine government" concept in the poll-bound state of Karnataka. Speaking in a video message, Gandhi questioned how much of the "loot" each of the two engines received in terms of corruption.

Gandhi accused the BJP of breaking records in looting over the past three years, with the prime minister remaining silent on corruption. He promised that if the Congress came to power, they would return thousands of crores of rupees to the people of Karnataka, which he claimed had been stolen by the BJP.

Gandhi also promised that the Congress government would be one of the poor, the workers, and the farmers, and that they would fulfill their five guarantees on the first day of the first cabinet. He expressed confidence that the wave was in favor of Congress and predicted that they would win no less than 150 seats in the upcoming Assembly elections. In his video Rahul Gandhi said:

The BJP has broken the record of loot in the last three years. Prime Minister comes but doesn't utter even a word on corruption. PM talks about double-engine government. He should say, how much share went to each of the engines in the centre and the state from this corruption". “I am sure that the wave is in favour of Congress and we won't be winning less than 150 seats. I also promise that as soon as we come to power, we will fulfil our five guarantees. BJP looted thousands of crores of Karnataka people's money, and we will return back those thousands of crores back to the people,The government formed by theft only steals - which 40% BJP government did. Congress government will be the government of the poor. The Congress government will be the government of the workers. Congress government will be the government of farmers. On his first day in the first cabinet: 5 Guaranteed Will Fulfill - That's My Guarantee.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Sonia Gandhi also addressed the issue of corruption, saying that Karnataka and the rest of the country cannot make progress without getting rid of the ruling party's "loot, lies, ego, and hatred." She accused the BJP of capturing power through robbery and forming a government that focused on looting the state.

The final leg of campaigning for the May 10 Assembly elections in Karnataka has intensified, with both major parties making their final pitches to voters. The outcome of the election will determine the future of the state and have an impact on national politics. The counting of votes will take place on May 13.

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