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Shifting Demographics: Unveiling the Surge of Indian Unauthorized Immigrants in the US Landscape

In a comprehensive study conducted by the esteemed Pew Research Centre, a profound revelation has come to light – the United States is currently home to approximately 725,000 Indian unauthorized immigrants, securing the third-largest position in this demographic after Mexico and El Salvador. The study, based on meticulous estimates from 2021, paints a nuanced picture of the immigration landscape, where the total of 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants in the US represents approximately three percent of the nation's entire population and a striking 22 percent of the foreign-born population.

While there has been a notable decline in unauthorized immigrants from Mexico, reaching a historic low of 4.1 million, an intriguing surge has been observed in the Indian demographic, now standing at 725,000. This phenomenon becomes even more compelling when examining other countries with significant unauthorized immigrant populations, such as India, Brazil, Canada, and former Soviet Union countries, all of which experienced growth between 2017 and 2021.

Diving into the regional dynamics, Central America emerges as a focal point, contributing a staggering 240,000 unauthorized immigrants, closely trailed by South and East Asia with 180,000. Unpacking the geographical distribution within the US, the states hosting the largest unauthorized immigrant populations in 2021 include California (1.9 million), Texas (1.6 million), Florida (900,000), New York (600,000), New Jersey (450,000), and Illinois (400,000).

This report not only addresses the quantitative aspects but also delves into the lawful immigration landscape, showcasing a noteworthy growth of over 8 million lawful immigrants, signifying a 29 percent increase. Equally significant is the meteoric rise of 49 percent in the number of naturalized US citizens. As of 2021, naturalized citizens constitute an influential component, accounting for nearly half (49 percent) of the entire immigrant population in the United States.

In essence, this study provides a compelling narrative that extends beyond statistics, unraveling the intricate tapestry of immigration dynamics in the United States. The surge in unauthorized Indian immigrants sparks a nuanced conversation about the evolving nature of immigration patterns, underscoring the need for a holistic understanding of these complexities.

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