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The Kumaon literature festival, 'Himalayan Echoes 2022', to start from October 8 in Nainital

The Kumaon literature festival, 'Himalayan Echoes 2022', is set to return to its home Nainital in a physical avatar after a gap of two years, from October 8. Founded by author & social entrepreneur Janhavi Prasada and mentored by eminent writer Namita Gokhale, the theme of the festival, now in its seventh edition, is 'C.A.L.M.' -- Creativity, Art, Literature, Mountains.

A platform created for dialogues about the Himalayas, and also committed to promoting books, poetry, and research associated with the mountains, the organisers believe in delving deep into the cultural diversity and unity of the Himalayan people and hence endorse local and regional art, craft and farm produce inspired by sustainable work ethics.

The two-day festival will be hosted at Abbotsford House, a heritage homestay which is also home to Prasada and her family. This picturesque property is a hidden gem, tucked away in a corner of Cheena Peak.

Picture: Kumaon Jagran
Abbotsford, the home of Sir Walter Scott in Nainital

Talk on cinema and live music performance by Ajay Bijli, chairman and MD of PVR Cinemas, with his band ‘Random Order’; a session emphasising on ayurveda by Kavita Khosla, creator of the wellness brand Purearth; and an informative session by Daleep Akoi on tigers and the legendary conservationist Jim Corbett are among the many highlights of the festival.

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