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Twin towers ready for demolition on 28th august; charged with 3700 kg of explosives

Supertech's illegal twin towers, which are taller than Delhi's Qutub Minar, will become India's highest structures ever to be demolished at 2.30 pm on August 28.. Earlier, the razing was said to have been scheduled for August 21 but it was deferred by a week following Noida Authority's request for an extension.

The buildings measuring a little over 100 metres will literally collapse like a house of cards in a process that would take less than 15 seconds for them to come down, according to project officials.

The demolition would be done through a controlled implosion technique for which over 3,700 kg of explosive will be used in the eye-popping event that would also leave behind a whopping 55,000 tonnes of debris to be managed.Project officials said the explosives used for demolition include detonators, emulsions and shock tubes, which have explosion material in gel or powdered form.

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