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Uttarakhand artist Kusum Pandey and team to showcase state's culture at G20 summit in Ramnagar

Kusum Pandey, a prominent artist from Uttarakhand, and her team have taken up the task of showcasing the culture of Uttarakhand on the walls of Ramnagar for the upcoming G20 meeting. Pandey, the first woman from Uttarakhand to be awarded the National Award in Fine Arts, believes that the paintings will expose the guests from various countries to the culture of Uttarakhand and inspire them to spread the message of this culture in their respective countries as well.

The G20 summit is scheduled to be held in Ramnagar from March 28 to 30, and special preparations have been made to showcase the civilization and culture of Uttarakhand at the venue of the meeting. The murals in Ramnagar depict the living conditions of people in the state, musical instruments of Uttarakhand, and various other aspects of the culture of the region. The district magistrate of Nainital, Dheeraj Garbyal, has assured that all preparations related to the event and the beautification of Ramnagar will be completed before time.

The three-day G20 meeting will see the participation of 70 foreign guests and 30 Indian officials. The event will provide a platform for leaders from different countries to discuss various issues, including the global economy, trade, and investment, among others. India, being the host nation, has a unique opportunity to showcase its culture, and the murals painted by Kusum Pandey and her team are expected to play a crucial role in this regard.

Kusum Pandey received the national award at the 62nd National Lalit Kala Akademi Award in the field of visual arts in 2022. Pandey's work has been widely appreciated for its unique style, and she has been instrumental in promoting the art and culture of Uttarakhand at the national level. Pandey's paintings have been exhibited in various galleries across the country, and she has been actively involved in promoting the culture of Uttarakhand through her art.

The murals painted by Kusum Pandey and her team are expected to leave a lasting impression on the guests attending the G20 meeting. The paintings will not only showcase the culture of Uttarakhand but also promote the message of peace and harmony. The G20 meeting is expected to be a significant event, and the murals painted by Kusum Pandey and her team are expected to play a vital role in making it a success.

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