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Uttarakhand Government Plans Monsoon Break for Schools Amid Safety Concerns

In a significant move to ensure the safety and well-being of school-going children during the monsoon season, the Uttarakhand government is considering the introduction of a "Monsoon Break" in all government and aided schools across the state. The proposed initiative comes in the wake of a recent electrocution incident at a Namami Gange sewage treatment plant in Chamoli, where 16 lives were tragically lost due to faulty earthing.

The Monsoon Break is set to be implemented as a precautionary measure to address the challenges faced by students while commuting to school amidst heavy rainfall, waterlogging, and potential risks associated with inclement weather. With the picturesque state known for its hilly terrain and lush green landscapes, Uttarakhand experiences heavy rainfall during the monsoon season, making the initiative all the more crucial in ensuring the safety of children.

Children crossing river using a trolley built by the villagers (Old Photo)

The decision was taken in consultation with education experts, district authorities, and concerned stakeholders to create a conducive learning environment that prioritizes the health and safety of students. The state government aims to protect students from potential hazards posed by commuting during adverse weather conditions, including flooded roads, landslides, and unsafe conditions.

Education Minister Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat highlighted that the government's foremost responsibility is to ensure the well-being of every child in the state. The proposed Monsoon Break is envisioned to provide students with a much-needed respite during the rainy season, allowing them to focus on their studies without facing the challenges of commuting through hazardous conditions.

The tragic incident at the sewage treatment plant in Chamoli has underscored the need for precautionary measures to prevent such unfortunate accidents in the future. The state government has expressed its commitment to safeguarding the future of Uttarakhand's young generation by prioritizing their safety in every possible way.

The proposed Monsoon Break is expected to be observed for the entire duration of the rainy season, with the exact dates to be announced soon. Additionally, the government is contemplating reducing the duration of the summer vacation slightly to extend the Monsoon Break period to approximately 10 to 15 days. This measure will be evaluated after seeking feedback from parents, teachers, and school authorities before it is presented for approval in the Cabinet.

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