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Uttarakhand Government to Grant Funds for Cluster-Based Polyhouses to Boost Farmer Income

Uttarakhand government has announced a new scheme to support farmers by providing grants to build cluster-based naturally ventilated small polyhouses. The decision was made in a cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami. The state government has allocated a fund of Rs 304 crore under the NABARD Rural Infrastructure Development Fund to establish 17,648 polyhouses of 100 square metres each. Farmers will be given a 70 percent grant for building the polyhouses, which will provide direct or indirect self-employment opportunities to nearly one lakh farmers in the state, and increase their income.

The establishment of polyhouses is expected to increase vegetable production by 15 percent and flower production by 25 percent. This initiative will also help to curb migration from the hilly areas of the state. The cabinet also decided to construct the Rishikesh-Neelkanth ropeway project on a public-private partnership mode, which will further enhance tourism in the state.

Polyhouse Farming

Apart from this, the cabinet has made it mandatory for builders to obtain prior map approval for any type of structures built within 50-metre aerial distance in hilly areas and 100-metre aerial distance in plain areas, right of way of national highways, state highways and roads identified by local civic bodies. This move will ensure better planning and regulation of constructions in the state, leading to sustainable development.

The decision to support the farmers by providing grants for building polyhouses is a significant step towards ensuring their economic growth and reducing migration from the hilly areas. This scheme will help farmers in Uttarakhand to take advantage of the fertile soil, favorable weather conditions, and the growing demand for fresh produce. It is expected that the scheme will lead to an increase in the income of farmers and contribute to the overall development of the state.

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