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"Uttarakhand Govt. Announces 4 Sites for Rehabilitation of Affected Residents in Joshimath

The Uttarakhand government will rehabilitate over 120 families of Joshimath town to Pipalkoti, nearly 36 km away, in Chamoli district as part of the first phase of its plan to help the affected residents in the subsidence-hit town.

The state disaster management secretary, Ranjit Sinha, has announced that four sites have been identified for the rehabilitation of affected residents in Joshimath. These sites include Pipalkoti, Dhak and Gaunk Selang, and a horticulture land in Joshimath that is away from the affected areas.

Picture: Kumaon Jagran
Locals in Joshimath

The first phase of rehabilitation will take place in Pipalkoti, which is located at an altitude of 1,260 metres above sea level, and is suitable for accommodating around 120-125 families. The process of identifying other sites is ongoing as more space is needed to accommodate the remaining affected people.

Picture: Kumaon Jagran
Pipalkoti Village in Chamoli

Singh stated that the people affected by the disaster are currently staying in relief camps, hotels, and homestays. The state government is planning to establish transitional settlements by building prefabricated houses on horticulture land near TCP in Joshimath. Three models of prefabricated structures will be constructed initially, with more to be added later for the affected people. The agency responsible for constructing the prefabricated structures has already arrived in Joshimath and has begun work. As of Wednesday, 849 buildings in the town have developed cracks. The district administration has marked more than 180 houses in the sinking town with red crosses and is urging residents to either move to temporary relief centers or into rental accommodations. The state government will provide assistance of ₹4,000 per month for the next six months to each family for rental accommodation.

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