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Violent Clashes Erupt in Dublin After Knife Attack Leaves Child Seriously Injured

In a shocking incident in central Dublin, a five-year-old girl was critically injured in a knife attack outside a school. The assailant, a man in his 50s, also sustained serious injuries and is considered a "person of interest" in the ongoing investigation, according to Irish police.

Following the announcement of the child's injuries, a disturbing turn of events unfolded in Dublin's city center. Over 100 people, some armed with metal bars and concealing their faces, took to the streets. The situation quickly escalated into violent clashes, prompting the deployment of over 400 officers, many in riot gear, to contain the unrest.

Reports indicate that a small group of individuals, described as "thugs" by authorities, initiated the clashes. The violent confrontation led to injuries, damaged police vehicles, and even the burning of a bus and car on O’Connell Bridge. Shop windows were smashed, and a Foot Locker store was looted, prompting a suspension of all transport services in the city.

Ireland's top police officer, Drew Harris, expressed concern about a faction driven by far-right ideology and condemned the serious violence that ensued. He stated that all motives for the attack are being explored, leaving no possibilities ruled out, including a potential terrorist link.

Justice Minister Helen McEntee called for calm, emphasizing that a "thuggish and manipulative element" should not exploit the tragedy to wreak havoc. The situation is evolving, and officials are urging the public to refrain from spreading misinformation.

Earlier in the day, a woman in her 30s and two other young children suffered injuries during the knife attack. While the injured boy was discharged from the hospital, the injured girl remains in critical condition. Authorities are working to determine the exact motive behind the attack, emphasizing that it appears to be a standalone incident not necessarily connected to broader issues in the country.

Superintendent Liam Geraghty commended members of the public who intervened early in the incident to disarm the attacker. The investigation is ongoing, with police keeping an open mind about the motives behind this shocking event.

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