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BGMI Back in India with New Update, Playtime Restrictions

After being banned in July 2022, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) is back and playable once again in India. The South Korean video game developer KRAFTON, Inc. has rolled out BGMI 2.5 Update, which it claims offers gamers a refined and immersive experience.

The update includes a brand-new map - Nusa, in-game events, weapon upgrades, and a collection of new skins to enhance the gameplay.

New Map Nusa

The new map Nusa is a 1x1 map of a resort island located in a tropical zone, making it the smallest map to be introduced in BGMI. The map will feature distinctive mechanisms such as Ziplines that players can use to move quickly across the island and Elevators that can be installed in Hotels buildings in “New City”. It also features different attractions and gameplay features such as zorb balls, swimming pool, combustible buildings, and destructible jars.

Super Recall

The new map will also offer Super Recall, wherein, in duo/squad mode, players who die within a certain time can be recalled to the battlefield carrying a random weapon by any of their surviving teammates. In solo mode, players can be recalled automatically without a teammate's help

New Weapon

The game also has a new weapon – an all-new Tactical Crossbow. Using this, players will be restore the zipline by using a loop and put certain houses on fire by using fire arrows. Players will be able to also shoot more accurately in mid and close range and fire shotgun bullets in peek & fire mode. The mode changes to single-shot when players scope-in. In addition, there is a new two-seater off-road ATV – that can move swiftly even in the highly curvy terrains and has good stability ensuring that it doesn't roll over easily.

In-Game Events

BGMI will also have in game events such as Underworld Unleashed (a 7-day login event , giving out permanent purple grade underworld guardian set), Race To The Top In Battlegrounds (15-day progressive event giving out permanent pink grade Badlands Punk outfit), Hot Drop Into The Battlegrounds (10-day progressive event giving out permanent pink grade sandstrom Set), and Gameplay Glory (15-day progressive event giving out permanent pink grade Noble Lineage set).

Playtime Restrictions

With rising concerns about gaming, KRAFTON has decided that the playtime for users under 18 will be three hours whereas for the rest of the players will be six hours daily. Furthermore, parental verification and daily spending limit for minors continue to be a part of the game.

3-Month Trial Period

The Minister of State for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship of India Rajeev Chandrasekhar has confirmed on Twitter that as the game complied with the rules, the BGMI game will first be available for 3 months period to start with. The Indian authorities will keep a close watch on BGMI, which will be in regard to addiction and its effects on users. If the game violates any of the rules that might have been set by the government, then it could be banned again.

App Still Not Available for iOS Users

At the time of writing this article, the BGMI app was still not available for iOS users. KRAFTON has not yet announced a specific date for the release of the app on iOS.

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