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Elon Musk Introduces Twitter Subscription Service for Exclusive AMA & Twitter Spaces

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has introduced a new subscription service on Twitter, allowing users to pay $4 (Rs 325) a month to subscribe to his account. Subscribers will have exclusive access to Musk's "ask-me-anything" sessions, which are held every few weeks, as well as discussions on Twitter Spaces.

The introduction of this new service follows Twitter's recent launch of its Subscriptions feature, which enables content creators to earn money from their posts on the platform. Twitter will not take any commission from users for the next year, and content creators will receive nearly 70% of the generated revenue on the app and 93% on the web version.

Musk also promised to promote the content of creators who subscribe to his account, and users can take their work with them if they leave the platform. According to Musk, the aim of Twitter is to "maximize creator prosperity."

Since taking over Twitter in October 2021, Musk has been working towards making the platform more profitable. He launched the Twitter Blue subscription, which charges users $8 a month for a verified checkmark next to their profile. Moreover, Twitter has started phasing out its legacy verified program, requiring notable personalities to pay for the blue tick or lose it.

Recently, Twitter has undergone several changes, including the replacement of its blue bird logo with the Shiba Inu dog from the Doge meme. Musk also removed the letter "w" from Twitter's logo at its San Francisco headquarters. Furthermore, it has been revealed that Twitter is now a subsidiary of X Corp.

Musk is known for his interest in technology and innovation, and he has been a vocal advocate for cryptocurrency. He has frequently tweeted about Bitcoin and Dogecoin, and his tweets have had a significant impact on the prices of these cryptocurrencies. Musk's presence on Twitter has been influential, with his tweets often generating significant attention and media coverage.

The introduction of this subscription service by Musk is likely to attract a significant number of subscribers, given his large following on Twitter. With Musk's interest in maximizing creator prosperity and his innovative approach to business, it remains to be seen how this new subscription service will evolve and impact the platform.

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